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Power Destroyed in Venezuela

?? ? ??:2019-04-02 08:12

Xinhua News Agency reported that on March 25, Venezuelan Minister of Information and Communications Jorge Rodriguez said that in the afternoon, the Guri hydropower station, which accounted for more than half of the country’s power generation, was again deliberately attacked by the opposition and led to parts of the country. power failure. The government has successfully restored electricity in some areas within a few hours after the power outage.

Rodriguez said in a televised speech that the purpose of the attackers was to completely stop the generators of the Guri Hydropower Station and put the people of the country in a state of panic and uneasiness.

It is understood that the power outage involves more than 10 states in Venezuela and the capital, Caracas. After the power outage, many shopping malls and shops in Caracas fought ahead of schedule, some subways and bus lines were shut down, and the number of cars waiting for refueling at gas stations increased significantly, but the social order was generally stable.

Rodriguez said that unlike the national blackout that began on March 7 and lasted for several days, the government quickly responded and successfully restored power in many parts of the country within a few hours after the power outage, and in the future. Electricity supply will be restored in all regions of the country within an hour.

In fact, this is indeed the case, the power outage in Caracas lasted about 5 hours. At around 7 o'clock that night, power supply was restored in most areas of Caracas and many areas outside the capital, but at 9:40 pm, the city of Caracas, which had basically resumed power supply, was blacked out again, as of 11:50 pm. The power supply has not recovered.

The last time the opposition’s deliberate destruction of the Guri Hydropower Station caused a national blackout that began on March 7 and lasted for several days. It was the longest-running and most widespread blackout in Venezuela in recent years, affecting many places across the country.