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Chinese and Arab Companies Promoted the "Belt and Road" Clean Coal-fired Power Station

Tempo pubblicato:2019-04-02 11:09

The “Hasyan clean coal-fired power station” project in Dubai, UAE broke ground in January 2017 and is the first investment of the Silk Road Fund in the Middle East. It will be the first clean coal-fired power station in the Middle East after completion. CCTV reporters rushed to the scene many times to witness the construction process of this project from scratch. In just over two years, “Hasyan Clean Coal-fired Power Station” has ushered in the key node of the project construction – Unit 1 will be connected to the grid in early October this year.

At five o'clock in the morning, when most people are still asleep, the construction site of the Hasnyan clean coal-fired power station project has gathered a large number of construction workers who came to work; on the other hand, they just finished the night and are ready to return. Coworkers resting in the camp.

Dubai in March is cool in the morning and evening. Although the maximum temperature during the day will reach 30 degrees or more, compared with the long and hot summer, it is now the best time for construction, and the project construction is now stepping up.

With the joint efforts of more than 5,000 Chinese and foreign workers, the Hasin clean coal-fired power station project has ushered in several important nodes, such as the main building of Unit 1, which is called the "heart" part of the power station. The crew, just recently completed the installation work called “deduction cylinder”, which means that the core component of Unit 1 has been successfully put in place.

Vladimir Donovetsky, Project Manager, on-site project of Hasan Clean Coal-fired Power Station in Dubai: We will welcome two important construction nodes in March, one is the reverse power transmission of Unit 1, and the “reverse power” This means that the equipment of the power station can receive electricity from the transmission line to start operation. The second important node is the boiler water pressure test of Unit 1. The project is progressing smoothly and we hope to realize commercial operation as planned.

The Hasan Clean Coal-fired Power Plant project is located in the southwest of Dubai, UAE, more than 30 kilometers from downtown Dubai. The project consists of four units. Among them, Unit 1 will be connected to the grid in early October this year, and will be officially put into commercial operation in March next year, and will provide energy support for the 2020 Dubai World Expo.

Each year thereafter, there will be a new unit connected to the grid for power generation until the completion of all four units in 2023. By then, one-fifth of the electricity in Dubai's modern city will be exported from here, which is of great significance for changing the power structure that relies heavily on natural gas for power generation.

Zhao Guoran, Site Manager of Dubai Hasan Clean Coal-fired Power Station Project: In the follow-up, with the completion of the oil pipeline and other auxiliary work, we will have to proceed next step, step by step trial (line) and complete set. start up.

CCTV reporter Li Dajie: I am building a Hasanyan clean coal-fired power station project No. 1 coal storage yard. We must not underestimate this coal storage yard because it is creating a world record of not too small. After it is completed, it will become the largest coal storage yard of its kind in the world. How big is the area? Give everyone two sets of data: the first is that its area is about 83,000 square meters, this area is equivalent to the area of 12 standard football fields; the second is the total amount of steel used is about 8100 tons, which is equivalent to a Paris Eiffel Tower.

In accordance with internationally stringent industry standards and environmental protection requirements, the coal storage yard of the power plant is a necessary supporting facility. The Hasen clean coal-fired power station is equipped with two coal storage yards, each designed and constructed according to the standard of 570,000 tons of coal storage. Such a large amount of coal storage means that it is necessary to build a roof of a coal storage yard with a very large span. Hasnyan's coal storage yard has a ceiling span of 122 meters, and such a huge span can only be achieved with a solid steel structure.

Tang Qingzhi, deputy manager of Dubai Hasan Clean Coal-fired Power Plant Project: The total amount of steel used in the coal storage yard is 8,100 tons. This coal storage yard needs us to complete the processing in four months, and then the delivery is completed. The large manufacturing capacity is not available in the entire UAE region or even in the Middle East, so we are all made by Chinese companies, then pre-assembled and shipped, we assemble on site.

Chinese design and manufacturing capabilities are well represented here. In the manufacturing and construction process, many domestic related companies are involved, which makes the project construction smooth and efficient.

The Hasan Clean Coal-fired Power Station Project is the first Chinese-funded enterprise in the Middle East to participate in investment, construction and operation under the framework of the “Belt and Road” framework. It will also be the first clean coal-fired power station in the Middle East after completion.

As a landmark project in the cooperation between China and Argentina in the field of energy infrastructure, Hasnyan clean coal-fired power station will bring real benefits to the local government, and it will also enable China to obtain investment income and truly achieve mutual benefit.

Guo Yu, Chairman of Harbin Electric International Engineering Co., Ltd.: The most important thing is that China's technology and Chinese-made products are displayed in a world-class high-end market in Dubai. For our entire Chinese manufacturing industry, China's technology is overseas. The promotion has played a very good brand role.